LinkedIn Strategy for Job Search

LinkedIn Strategy for Job Search book


LinkedIn Strategy for Job Search in Australia is a guide written by Nadine Myers, uncovering the steps to using LinkedIn effectively as part of your job search strategy. In fact, this is a job search strategy on its own, that has helped people gain interviews in Australia.

Discover the secrets of networking through the most powerful, professional networking platform in the world. Learn how to leverage LinkedIn as part of your Australian job search and pick up all the little tips and tricks that are not commonly known, that will enable you to expand your networks and tap into them as part of your search for employment in Australia.

What you will find inside:

              • How to set up an effective profile so you can attract Australian employers and recruiters
              • Strategies that will help you expand your networks with the right people
              • Step-by-step instructions on how to connect with people
              • How to use Groups to build your networks and uncover job opportunities
              • The power of recommendations, and how to get them
              • Understand how Australian employers use LinkedIn

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